Courage in Action

Untold Stories Told by the Country's Top Young Entrepreneurs

Courage in Action is an event series that creates a unique space to hear the inspiring, vulnerable stories of some of the country's top young entrepreneurs. The stories focus on courage in the face of insecurities and perseverance through setbacks. The goal of the event is to give the audience the inspiration they need to pursue their own journey with courage.

All Courage in Action speakers have built 7-9 figure companies before the age of 30 and have a deep commitment to building a legacy based on positive, exponential social impact.


From Profit to Purpose

Raj Lahoti
Co-Founder & CEO


Turning Values into Action

Arjun Arora
Founder & CEO


Charging your Worth

Allie Siarto
Co-Founder & Director of Analytics
Loud Pixel


Failing Forward

Mario Jurcic


Enjoying Life & Work Simultaneously

Catherine Cook
Co-Founder & VP Brand Strategy


Jumping for Opportunity

Jason Duff
Founder & CEO
Comstor Outdoor


Always Finding a way to Move Forward

Benji Rabhan
Founder & CEO


Mistakes at the Core of all Success

Ahmed Khattak
Gsm Nation


Sharing Openly & Telling your Challenge

Robert Nicholson
Founder & Executive Director
The Nicholson Center


What Makes Courage In Action Stories Unique

At the center of each success story is a history of defeat, hopelessness, failure, insecurity and ultimately, courage. What separates the successes from the "what if" stories are giant leaps of faith that require healthy daily doses of daring perseverance.

Sharing these stories is challenging and requires each and every person to step out of their comfort zone and be vulnerable.

Most speeches on entrepreneurship and pursuing passion focus on topics like startup secrets or how to pitch an idea to an investor. As a result, they leave out some of the largest challenges and insecurities everyone struggles with on a daily basis, making it seem impossible to overcome their own personal insecurities to become tomorrow's success story.

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