Empact is a world renowned firm specializing in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial mindset, innovation and leadership events and programs. We can work with you to deliver a world class event in any capacity.

  • Speaker Placement. Empact Connect is the best way to bring young, successful entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds/industries to speak at your event about success, leadership, entrepreneurship, and the entrepreneurial mindset - at any budget. Entrepreneurs receive speaking training and mentorship through Connect to ensure that they are able to deliver in a way that is relatable and powerful for any audience.

    For more information on Empact Connect, visit the Connect website.
  • Turn key entrepreneurship events. Don't have the staff needed to organize your own event? Hosts have often used Empact's full day events as a launch event for their entrepreneurship programs. Organizations with fewer event staff resources appreciate the ability to hold a high-quality, high-profile event in a short amount of time.

    The Empact team provides a turn-key experience by providing customizable marketing materials and templates, expert guidance and support, post-event survey results tabulations, and complete management of the event on the day it takes place.
    • Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour.

      EET The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour, started in 2006, is a half-day, high-energy entrepreneurship conference that spreads the entrepreneurial mindset and features the country's top young entrepreneurs. The tour is most powerful as an engaging, first-exposure to entrepreneurship. If individuals don't believe that they can be a successful entrepreneur, they will not take the actions necessary to become one. Therefore, the Tour focuses more on inspiring people and connecting them to resources than providing nuts & bolts knowledge they'll never use or have trouble remembering when they finally need it.

    • Empact Startup Bootcamp. The Empact Startup Bootcamp is a full day, high-energy event that helps individuals build disruptive products and ideas while learning from some of the country's top young entrepreneurs & innovators. The Empact Bootcamp is most powerful for a more advanced audience that is looking to take action on their entrepreneurial ideas immediately but just need the knowledge and accountability to start.
    • Empact Courage in Action Series. Courage in Action is an event series that creates a unique space to hear the inspiring, vulnerable stories of some of the country's top young entrepreneurs. The stories focus on courage in the face of insecurities and perseverance through setbacks. The goal of the event is to give the audience the inspiration they need to pursue their own entrepreneurial journey with courage.
  • Event Management. Planning an event or a conference is a huge undertaking which, if well executed, has the potential to have a long term, sustainable impact on your audience. Finding the right speakers, booking venues, curating the audience and developing the appropriate content is not a small undertaking.

    Empact has a talented team of well connected thought leaders within the entrepreneurship ecosystem and event planners. That means that our event experts can simultaneously facilitate and manage the logistical planning of your event while being knowledgeable on what will create a world class event with the most sustainable impact possible.

    By engaging with Empact's event management team for your next conference or meeting, you will be able to maximize both your dollars as well as your impact through entrepreneurship